Company Profile

Syllogix was created with the explicit goal of widening the application of advanced analytical techniques in the business community and leveraging its Management Science expertise to deliver powerful and customized solutions to its clients.


  • Has established itself as a leader in prescriptive analytics and Management Science consulting services.
  • Brings advanced modeling techniques out of the academic domain into the business community.
  • Delivers powerful models to clients as large as the Department of National Defense of Canada and down to the smallest private companies, with highly customized solutions.


Syllogix leverages innovative analytical modeling to develop tailor-made solutions for its clients, enabling them to manage more efficiently on the operational, tactical and strategic level, as regards to time, money and effort.

We offer this through:

  • Technical/professional services from our employees/consultants.
  • Our commercial partners who will have the opportunity of growing with Syllogix.
  • Leading academic researchers who will have the opportunity of applying their expertise and years of research for the betterment of the community.

Syllogix believes in corporate responsibility to shareholders and society alike. We undertake only those projects which are ethical and which deliver a return on investment to our clients.


When new knowledge tools are created to solve important problems, and these are rapidly injected into the marketplace for maximum positive benefit, everybody wins. To this end, Syllogix – as an organization – seeks to surround itself with a network of partners, both progressive solution providers and cutting edge academics, who share its values and will help it achieve its mission in society.

When ground-breaking Management Science research is being done at Universities around the world, Syllogix wants to know about it.

When firms have developed analytical solutions that compliment our offering and hold great promise, we will seek them out.

Syllogix is at the interface between research, solutions and need.

Since it is our clients’ needs that drive our entire process we at Syllogix have the wonderful opportunity of being able to evaluate how best to address those needs. Occasionally, we will know of a commercial partner with just the right solution. Other times, we will have an academic expert with an ideal research background. Often Syllogix will marry both worlds, bringing its own expertise and custom solution development to bear on the issues at hand. The focus is always on creating the perfect solution for the client, and with its extensive network of expertise, Syllogix could not be better positioned to deliver on this promise.

  • At Syllogix, we cater to the rapidly changing marketplace. As the realities of doing business are becoming increasingly complex, yesterday’s solutions often no longer match today’s needs. That is why Syllogix maintains a network of accomplished academic partners, with whom we regularly collaborate and consult on projects. By interacting with these researchers we:

    • Build bridges between these leading researchers and the wider business community.
    • Help speed the adoption of new knowledge.
    • Promote new research.

    By bringing together new, challenging problems from the business world with the brightest minds from academia, Syllogix plays an important intermediary role, thanks to its understanding of both worlds.

    This guarantees that in Syllogix, you will not only find leading edge solutions but also have access to a network of brilliant researchers, ready to tackle your hardest business problems.

    Syllogix is proud to partner with leading academic researchers and industry professionals who are experts in their respective fields. These partners and advisors include:

    • Dr. Yuri Levin [Queen’s School of Business]
      • Mathematical programming expert
    • Dr. Shanling Li [McGill University]
      • Expert in capacity expansion, manufacturing flexibility, technology investment, and organizational performance measurement.
      • Industry projects include real-time order fulfillment for, aircraft purchasing for Air Canada, and capacity planning at Royal-Victoria Hospital to name a few.
    • Dr. Jeff McGill [Queen’s School of Business]
      • Director, MBA in Science and Technology
      • Leading researcher in the field of revenue management
    • Dr. Saibal Ray [McGill University]
      • Researcher on Supply Chain contracting and coordination.
      • His expertise includes time-based competition, inventory management, dynamic pricing and the study of strategic buyer-supplier relationships.
      • Co-director for the Master in Manufacturing Management Program at McGill and member of GERAD.
    • Dr. Stéphane Rouillon [École Polytechnique de Montréal]
      • Expert in linear optimization, integer programming and statistical modeling
    • Dr. Hugh Walker [Walker Economics Inc.]
      • Health economist with extensive expertise developing simulation models for health policy analysis
      • Expert in performing cost-benefit analyses and making policy recommendations in all facets of public health

    Syllogix is interested in growing its network of academics partners. If you are you brilliant researcher specializing in a Management Science related field, who:

    • is impassioned by solving difficult problems,
    • would like to bring to market new ideas, and
    • would enjoy addressing real-world decision-making problems as they arise,

    then please contact us today.

  • Syllogix seeks to partner with innovative, analytics-based firms that share its vision and values.

    Our clients can trust that the organizations with which we collaborate are held to the same unparalleled ethical and quality standards that Syllogix sets for itself. Our trusted partners provide innovative solutions, and Syllogix serves as the ideal link between your management problems and these progressive solutions we help service.

    Syllogix is always interested in growing its network of industry partners.

    If you are you an innovative solution provider with an analytics-based technology that you believe would compliment Syllogix’s offering and benefit from Management Science expertise, please contact us today.

Our Unique Value Proposition

The Syllogix Difference

All our solutions are driven by Management Science and are tailor-made to the problem at hand. When you combine cutting-edge analytics with our advanced modeling expertise, “tailor-made” means it’s just right for your business needs.

We, at Syllogix, use Management Science to :

  • Perform advanced analyses for your organization and of its processes to:
    • provide insight and strategy to your decision-making
    • create analytically-based information out of data
  • Apply mathematical modeling to analyze complex systems and to provide executives and managers the power to:
    • make better (more effective, more efficient) decisions
    • build more productive systems
  • Empower and enable executives and managers by directing their attention to the:
    • consideration of all available options
    • complete, accurate and up-to-date analysis of data
    • careful predictions of outcomes and estimates of risk
    • latest advances in science

The Syllogix Commitment

“Performance-pay and tailor-made customized solutions” – that means our clients are our partners.

Their success is our success. We will increase your bottom line and illuminate your decision-making processes and help you manage better. Our solutions and recommendations are grounded in proven analytical models and will tangibly improve your operations.